Tuesday, September 04, 2012


 from Belmont High School annual magazine, Coolamatong, 1967.

I loved singing in the school choirs and choral groups, despite having a quite ordinary voice: my brother Malcolm is the one with the good voice. It is great fun to sing a part while others are singing different parts.

It's amusing to read the poem I wrote at the age of about fifteen, now that I am much closer to the age written about in the poem! I understand that Paul McCartney composed this tune from which I pinched the title when he was about sixteen.

I S C F (which we called ISS-ka-fff) was an important part of my spiritual development, because it showed me that there are Christian folk who have different understandings and practices from what I learnt at Belmont Baptist Church. For example, we were taught that Christians don't dance, and when we had dancing in P E, we were supposed to ask to be excused, which I usually did. (But I do remember having an enjoyable dance with Robyn Small one day in P E.)

Then along came Cyril Green, the history teacher, leading our I S C F group for a period of time, and also playing clarinet and leading the dance band at school dances! 


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