Wednesday, September 26, 2012

sixty: table of contents


table of contents

dedication and foreword
page two: how I got hooked on Music
page three: tucking in at Tuckey's
page four: a girl with a piano
page five: school
page six: sisters
page seven: my first piano
page eight: when Grandma came to visit
page ten: the best house in the world
page eleven: the school on the hill
page twelve: church
page thirteen: going to camp
page fourteen: a new beginning
page fifteen: quantum potero
page sixteen: a big family
page seventeen: parties, Paul and Peale
page eighteen: becoming a conman
page nineteen: a chat at the bus stop
page twenty: inspiring pastors from the church I grew up in
page twenty-one: music in our house
page twenty-two: my father's diaries
page twenty-three: great expectations
page twenty-four: piano with orchestra
page twenty-five: third form
page twenty-six: my first piano students
page twenty-seven: a cheap education
page twenty-eight: how things have changed
page twenty-nine: it started with a ferry ride
page thirty: an unexpected solution
page thirty-one: singing
page thirty-two: Maths and Science
page thirty-three: the B haitch P 
page thirty-four: just the beginning
page thirty-five: Dad to the rescue
page thirty-six: meet the family
page thirty-seven: new discoveries
page thirty-eight: from girlfriend to fiancée
page thirty-nine: Illawarra Bridal College
page forty: two weddings, a gig and a funeral
page forty-one: a new home
page forty-two: new church
page forty-three: new piano teacher and new baby
page forty-four: the worst day of my life
page forty-five: for the want of an essay
page forty-six: super revelations
page forty-seven: are you new here?
page forty-eight: a different sort of church

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