Thursday, August 30, 2012

PAGE NINETEEN: a chat at the bus stop

Our Second Grade Theory Class was enjoyable. I learnt a lot of new stuff that I'd never been exposed to before. We learnt to do some music notation and we memorised folk songs, such as Since First I Saw Your Face.

We had some people in the class who would later become known beyond Newcastle, such as broadcaster, composer, writer and musician, Penny Biggins and pianist and cellist, Erzebet Marosszeky.

But I was painfully shy, especially with girls. When I discovered that one of the girls was walking down to the same bus stop as I was, instead of gallantly escorting her, I deliberately took a different route and then stood at the other end of the bus stop! This went on for some weeks.

But one day, I plucked up the courage to walk over and speak to her and discovered that she had a lovely English accent. She told me she came from the sothe (rhyming with both) of England. I found out that her name was Joan Sims.

Having broken the ice, I now looked forward to walking with her to the bus stop and getting to know her. Many years later, I reflected on the fact that it was in this very same year, 1966, that The Hollies released a song about a boy who meets a girl at a Bus Stop

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