Sunday, August 19, 2012

PAGE FIVE: school

I've been pondering this photo today. I think I started at Belmont Infants School, just before I turned five in September, 1957 and that this was my class the following year.
My first teacher was called Miss Hunter. I could already read a few letters and words, but Miss Hunter soon showed me there was more to learn.

She got us to recognise the first letter in our names. I was sure that the boy third from the end in the second row would have to begin his name with F, but Miss Hunter said his name began with a P. But what kind of a name is Pilip, I mused?
There are forty children in the class photo. I wonder how many Infants teachers today would consider teaching all of those children in the one class? I think I can put a name to the faces of fifteen of the children (with a bit of help from some facebook friends today). I recognise others, but can't think of their names.
It is wonderful to be in touch with two of the people in this photo, and others I went to school with, through internet link ups.
It is such a different world from the one we were born into.
Back in the 1950s, children walked to school. We didn't live far away, but we did walk, and on our own, even though most of our mothers didn't go to work outside the home. They'd pick us up if it was raining.

It may seem strange to think that the little boy with the glasses on asked Jesus to be his Saviour on Christmas Day, 1957. Surely too early to understand the ramifications? But as I have grown, my faith has deepened. I have have spent my whole life (so far) investigating the Bible, because I believe it to be the word of God to me.

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