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PAGE TWO: how I got hooked on Music

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It's now 1954. I'm living in Russell St, Russell Lea, but one day, Mum turfs me out and sends me off to Aunty Peg's place. Aunty Peg and Uncle Ben have four children: Elizabeth, twins Robert and Margaret, and Susan.
I got turfed out for a few days because Dad was probably away working on a ship somewhere (as a marine engineer), and Mum was about to give birth to twins.
My cousin Susan remembers me sitting up in my high chair at the age of twenty months, captivated by Aunty Peg playing pieces on the piano like The Robin's Return and Dvořák's Humoresque.

And I'm still hooked, fifty-eight years later. If you play the piano, you can print out a free copy of this piece from the link above, and have a crack at it, yourself.  

And you can hear what it sounds like in this enjoyable performance by Neville Dickie.

When I came back home, I had two new brothers: Malcolm and Christopher. Mum was so excited she wrote her one and only song about them, which goes like this:

There were two little twinnie boys who lived in Russell Street
The dearest little twinnie boys that ever you could meet.
Their mother loved them very much
And Daddy loved them, too
One was Malcolm McKenzie
And the other was Christopher Hugh

Interestingly, I was born ten years after Elizabeth, and Malcolm and Christopher were born ten years after Aunty Peg's twins.

Triplets? Malcolm, myself and Christopher

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