Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Do People Whinge At Work?

In Saturday's My Career [which I read in the Sydney Morning Herald], Marcella Bidinost reminds us that how our work colleagues act upon their feelings can affect our own moods. Even if some people have a spark, it can be washed out if the rest of the group is negative.

One of the most interesting points in the article is about research into why people whinge so much at work.

Bidinost cites resilience expert, Michael Licenblat's observation that
People ultimately want to belong. We often unite in pain, misery and struggle. People create whinge centres to achieve a sense of belonging

But we can also unite around what we do enjoy about the place where we work. Licenblat suggests that
If you notice you're being negative, focus on the things that are working.
If you or others are complaining a lot, introduce a complaint-free phase.
Set a time, even for an hour each day, when you consciously choose not to find fault.

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