Sunday, May 09, 2010

Reading The Bible With The Dead

John Thompson's intriguing title got me perusing and then buying this book yesterday. I later discovered it could be purchased for a considerably cheaper price through the terrific Book Depository. But I don't think it's fair to use the local bookstore to choose a book and then purchase it elsewhere; at least, not fair when the shop is struggling and has to use volunteers to keep afloat.

You will also notice that the title links you to Google Books, which gives you a generous amount of the book free of charge! But I think I will read more of the book with a codex to handle, rather than squinting at the computer screen.

Thompson has provided us with a book about how the church has handled important but difficult parts of the Bible. I'm not endorsing Thompson's conclusions, but I do applaud his advice about getting to know what earlier Christians thought and did.
We aren't the first people to be shocked by the story of Jephtha sacrificing his only daughter, he says. How did others deal with this difficult story?

The Bible is better read and preached when the legacy of traditional interpretation is taken into account, so that the faithful interpreters of the past can guide and challenge readers and hearers today.

If you would like to dip into what he says in his book, you may find that this website will whet your appetite.

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