Thursday, February 25, 2010

Email to the Premier

Open email to our Premier, Kristina Keneally
G'day Ms Keneally.
I enjoyed the article in today's Sydney magazine. You are presenting yourself very well and I think you are in with a chance for the next election, unless the Liberals wheel out Malcolm Turnbull, if it were possible to get him installed in such a short time.

The only reason that the electorate would vote Liberal with the current leader [I think] would be because they are not the stinking NSW Labor Party, which is certainly on the nose. But the Libs don't seem to have much that is positive to offer as an alternative. I'm not saying that because of animosity towards Mr O'Farrell, but because he and his party do not seem to be a credible alternative currently.

I was interested in your motto. Micah 6:8 is a wonderful part of holy scripture, but you left out the key part which is Yahweh. Surely this verse harks back [as so many do] to Exodus 34:6-7 where God proclaims his loving, merciful, just and faithful character to Moses.

I think Micah is saying we must be just because Yahweh our God is just; tenderly compassionate because he is compassionate, and walk humbly with him because he is our Yahweh, our God.

To leave him out is to completely misunderstand what Micah was saying.

I pray that you will restore him to his rightful place next time you cite this verse.

I wish you well in the extremely difficult job you have been given.

We regularly [though not regularly enough] pray for our leaders, including you, in our little church in Bathurst.

David McKay

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