Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christians promoting blood and gore fights?

Three letter writers in today's Sydney Morning Herald have perfectly expressed my views on The Ultimate Fighting Championship.
I am appalled that Mark Driscoll could support such sickening thuggery and that others are sucked in by it, too.

Driscoll has some good qualities, but his penchant for turning Christian boys into men unfortunately sometimes leads to an excessive desire for men to be brutes. So unlike their Lord and Master.

Grow up, Mark and grow up, Craig.

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Please, no more of the roar for gore

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a disgusting, sickening spectacle of the worst of human nature ('''Smell the blood!' The sickening roar for gore'', February 22). There is something wrong with people who want to hurt people. There is more wrong with people who want to watch.

Don't give me rubbish about the participants being highly trained and skilled athletes. There is no honour in skill and strength when used for violence and the purpose of injuring someone to the extent they submit or cannot continue.

There is enough news of people being brutally beaten for no reason on Sydney streets. The spectacle of a man continuously punching another while he is on the ground with blood flowing will only encourage the animals on the streets to do more of the same.

The Herald should be ashamed for covering this garbage.

Glenn Newton Broulee

We have banned cockfighting and dogfighting on the grounds of excessive cruelty but there is no such restriction on manfighting, as Peter FitzSimons has discovered.

If this spectacle is to continue, I suggest the proceeds be taxed at 99 per cent and put into general revenue. That way we would all win. Pity about the mangled loser but one can't have everything.

John Warren Annandale

Ultimate fighting and cage fighting, with thousands flocking to see the brutality and gore, takes from us any claim to be a civilised society.
George Cotis Port Hacking

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