Saturday, February 28, 2009

Role model

My father was a great role model in many ways. He was patient, kind and loving, even when Mum was mid-flight in criticism. He never retaliated and would say "At
least I married a real, live girl" [referring to a song from Bye, Bye
Birdie, I think].

Dad was industrious and methodical. He worked long hours and then came
home and did a lot of vegetable gardening. He wouldn't let me join in,
because he didn't want me to damage my supposedly precious pianist's

Dad was diligent in reading his Bible each night and filling in the
little five year diaries we gave him.

If you have ever thought of keeping a diary, I recommend it as a great
gift to your family one day. *Someone* will be interested, I'm sure.

Dad gave me a model that is more than I could ever live up to, but I'm
trying. I've even kept a diary going these past four years.

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