Thursday, February 28, 2008

King James Version Only Youtube clip

I always enjoy reading Trevor Cairney's stuff. Trevor is an intelligent Aussie Christian with a warm heart and a love for Jesus Christ. I clicked on a link from his blog and found myself at the site of the Irish Calvinist and have been musing over a King James Bible Only sermon that Erik at the Irish Calvinist site linked to.

We never get sermons like this at our church, for which I'm grateful.

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Unknown said...

That preacher is a nut case. I only heard one amen to his sermon and it was a low keyed wimpy sounding half hearted one if I have ever heard one.

Talk about getting context wrong.

It would be interesting to hear him preach about Elisha when he called the bears on the youth who were calling him baldy head...referring to his genitals.

On second thoughts perhaps not...