Saturday, February 23, 2008

Are There Good Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?

John Piper gives eight solid reasons for being confident that Jesus Christ really did rise from his grave. We have plenty of evidence that Jesus is alive today, not the least of which is his presence with his people.

Here are Piper's eight points. But do read the whole lot: it is well worth it.
1. Jesus predicted his resurrection several times in te coruse of his ministry.
2. The tomb was empty on Easter Sunday morning.
3. The disciples' confident preaching about the resurrection, after their fearfulness before and when he died.
4. Paul's claim that he and 500 others had seen the risen Christ.
5. The existence of a thriving, empire-conquering early Christian church.
6. The apostle Paul's conversion.
7. The New Testament witness appear sane and truthful.
8. The self-authenticating glory in the message of the resurection of Jesus.

I've reworded some of these, but I am confident I have not distorted what Piper is saying.

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