Sunday, May 27, 2007

Words that make me cringe, part 3

Limited atonement is another of my pet hates. It was presumably coined by those who believe that Christ died for the people whom God has chosen, and only them, but it is a most unfortunate term, beloved of those who would like to shoot this teaching down!

Particular Redemption, or my preferred term, Definite Atonement, convey the sense much better, but don't fit the flowery acronym TULIP.

In fact, those who deny the teaching that Christ died for those and only those he came to save have a much more limited atonement, because Christ only potentially died for people: maybe no one will choose to accept it!

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Vaughan Smith said...

Amen, David. I don't mind using the term, as it works in TULIP well, but really, Particular or Definite or even Perfect are far better.