Sunday, May 27, 2007

The treadmill of life

I have thought for many years that home exercise equipment inevitably becomes a dusty item in the corner somewhere, with stuff piled all over it.

That's my observation as I visit people's houses, and so I thought that it would not be sensible to buy such equipment ourselves. I do little exercise, but this year I have been walking to and from work and around Bathurst more than ever before, as I try to multi-task and rehearse the book of Hebrews, or part thereof, as I walk.

But ... it's getting cold, and I have only been walking about once a week. And, my weight is creeping up. It is disturbing to look at the first year of my multi-year diary and compare today with 365 days ago.

My wife, Joan decided she needed to get herself active again and we went looking at exercise bikes and treadmills. She wasn't keen on bikes, but preferred treadmills, but I favoured the price of the bikes: they're about half the price!

But we had a go on a treadmill at a local Sport store and were attracted to buying a particular one, because the manager was going to deliver it already assembled. [See Words that make me cringe, part 4.] We have only had it a week, but in that time I have managed to lower my pulse as I walk from about 150 to about 130, and have also increased the speed I can do to about 6 kilometres per hour. So far, I can only manage about 10 minutes at a time, in which I am able to burn about 30 calories and travel about 1 kilometre. I'm pleased with my progress.

But, will it eventually be gathering dust in our playroom/musicroom/birdroom? We hope not.

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