Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clive's Rules for Modern Living

When Clive Robertson was presenting the morning program on ABC Classic FM, he gave this list to Limelight magazine [or was it 24 Hours?]

I don't agree with all of it, but think most of it is sound.

1. Have a picnic twice a year at least.
2. Listen to classical music.
3. Listen to pop music. Loud.
4. Walk a lot. Rest and eat properly.
5. Take photos.
6. When you're depressed, photograph flowers.
7. Drive to Broken Hill and stay a week.
8. Don't be disappointed in other human beings. We're all like that. You, too.
9. Consider not having children.
10. Learn self-sufficiency.
11. Believe in God. He's bigger than everything put together. He's either your best friend or your worst enemy. Choose now.

i need to take more of this on board, but I can't do anything about 9 and certainly wouldn't want to.

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