Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Reconciling Contemporary Science and The Bible

Is it possible to reconcile contemporary science and the Bible?

It seems to me that many Christians today begin with modern scientific presuppositions and then attempt to squeeze the Bible into those presuppositions. But doing so seems to be giving too much away.

Others begin with the Bible and then try to squeeze science into the Scriptures. I think that they then make the Bible to be saying more than it really is.

James Anderson has written a thoughtful review of a book by one of the former, entitled I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution .

And he gave me the link to this most interesting summation by continuing Presbyterians [PCA] called  Creation Report .

It is well worth reading, though it may not convince many.


Patrick Chan said...

Along the same lines, I appreciate Vern Poythress' book, Redeeming Science. He offers his book as a free PDF here.

David McKay said...

Thanks Patrick.