Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don’t pay for an over-priced book again

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Don’t pay for an over-priced book again: "

Recently I wrote ‘Don’t buy another (bad) Christian book‘, with some sites to discover book reviews to avoid wasting money on a disaster. I received some helpful feedback that it can be useful to read ‘outside the camp’ – I try to do this as well, but I don’t want to waste money on something that’s just going to make me angry!

Once you’ve worked out which books you’d like to purchase, here’s a simple 4-step process for finding the cheapest store to purchase your book/s from.

Step 1. Visit Booko.”Booko is a site with a very simple goal – to find the cheapest place to buy books & DVDs in Australia.” My friend Dave put me onto it.

Step 2. Type in the name of the book you’re looking for. In this case, I’m looking for ‘You Can Change’ by Tim Chester.

Step 3. (This isn’t really a step, but more of a stage in the proces!) Booko will now list all the places online where you can purchase a book, and list the prices, in Australian dollars, including delivery:

Step 4. Select the store you would like to purchase from. The Book Depository is a favourite (at least among the Bible college students I’ve spoken to!) because the shipping to Australia (from their stores in the US and UK) is free.

I can purchase the book for $11.92 including delivery. At the time of writing, the same book was $12.95 from Koorong (plus $5.95 for shipping), and $14.95 from Moore Books (I’m unsure about shipping costs/availbility). From $1.03 to $3.03 per book (without any of the costs of travel to and from the bookshop), that’s a significant saving.

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Don’t pay for an over-priced book again