Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honouring John Calvin

I got this from Alan Reader, Tasmaniac and musician and preacher and lots of stuff I can't tell you, because that's all I know so far.

John Piper at the Resurgence National Conference 2008 - Text and Context

"I think the way to be faithful to John Calvin, insofar as he was true, is to stay faithful to his book, which is right here [the Bible], not The Institutes. And so the way to push the truth of any system that you think has got some truth in it, is not to wave the banner of the system, but to wave its foundations here, talk about [the Bible.]"
Good stuff, Al.

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Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Hello, David.

The Institutes have been very useful for my Reformed positions with my MPhil, PhD theses and blogs.

Russ (via Blogger Next Blog)