Friday, January 19, 2007

Upgrading my organiser

Yesterday I got a belated Christmas present, which is my own dithering fault. But it is worth the wait. I have been using a Palm Zire [cheapest one available] for 3 years. It is very helpful being able to put my contacts, daily schedule, favourite quotes, information that I need and thoughts in one place.

And I like being able to store the information on my computer and retrieve it. So yesterday, I again bought the cheapest Palm Pilot available, which is called a Palm Z22 handheld.

The old one had 2 megs onboard, and there was no room for downloading any programs, but this one has 32 megs, and I have been able to install a Sudoku game and some great bible software from which includes the My Bible program and a Daily Reader program, which allows you to read e-books that are divided up for handy daily reading.

You can read more about the programs I put on my organiser at my What I'm Reading blog.

The new Zire has a colour screen and a light, making it much more easy to use, though I can't see the screen very well when I'm outside.

It has successfully caught all my stuff from my first one, but ...
it has not kept my categories, so I have about 300 memos I have to sort into financial, quotes, and student timetables, etc!

Fortunately the addresses are still in their groups.


Shane Becker said...

We have more in common than I ever imagined! I also own a palm!!

David McKay said...

Hi Shane
Does your Palm fail from time to time?

I used to own a 2 meg Zire and now have a 30 meg Palm Z22.

The 2 meg jobbie never failed. Not in 3 years.

But my new one has already faield twice.

Once it needed a hard reset, but the second time was back working again after a soft reset.

Hope it won't do this when I'm away from home. Very annoying.

One of the doctors in our church has a Palm [more fancy and more expensive than mine]. His fails from time to time, too.

Unknown said...

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