Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Better Bibles Blog

I find the Better Bibles Blog challenging and interesting. Many people will find something to disagree with here. But it is well worth your time, and I hope you won't write the site off too quickly. Complementarians will find their hackles raising with regularity and those who favour so-called literal bibles will hear heresy bells ringing every time they pop in!

Some Christians will think the folk who post here are too conservative in their theology, while others will be thinking the posters are not nearly conservative enough.

I have found the current posts concerning .Mark Driscoll's comments on why his church uses the ESV translation well worth my time. If you are a card-carrying ESV translation enthusiast, you will find plenty to disturb you, but it is worth engaging with the arguments made, even if you still come away disagreeing.

The posts are usually written by bible translators, and you may find their views somewhat different from those of people you meet at church. Some of those who write are experts in the English language, while others are consultants who facilitate the translation of the bible by indigenous translators.

There is much to learn here, and much to go away and think about. At times I have to stay away and think a while before dipping my toe in the water again, but I always come back.

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