Monday, August 23, 2004

More good news on dieting

I'm excited that yesterday, I had to buy a smaller pair of trousers, and that I can now fit into some in the wardrobe, which I was inclined to throw out!

I have now lost 14 centimetres and 11 kilos!


Zach said...

Please pray for my friend Alison B. (from England, living now in Sweden) who was recently diagnosed with cancer and just went through major surgery. She is recovering from that before they can proceed with the chemotherapy. May she receive a 100% HEALING in Jesus Name. She is a concert organist.

Mallard said...

Good on you! I'm an ex-Christian missionary living here in Bathurst too. I did work around NSW in primary schools, working with Campus Crusade thru the local Baptist Church. I'm glad ur exploring going with an active organization like "Gospel for Asia" - go for it. I hope you've got the support of your local church, incl. the pastor and congregation. Let me encourage you to continually "Share the Vision" - tell the people what God's put on your heart again and again and again. In church, in peoples' homes, even in newsletters. Go for it! Let me encourage you.

Whilst I'm not currently active in any ministry or church activities at the moment, either here in bathurst or elsewhere (due to some ongoing illness), I just want to encourage you on the journey that God seems to be taking you. Go with it. Let Him take you where He leads you. People will be indifferent to your passion, or even skeptical - because what is on your heart is outside many peoples' 'comfort zone'. So - stay true to what God is calling you to. Go for it!

I hope u don't mind me writing to you like this. You can check out my profile if you wanna see some more about me, if you'd like.

Thanks again for sharing what's on your heart.

Mal :o)