Sunday, March 08, 2015

Have you discovered Alec Motyer?

If you haven't encountered Alec Motyer, the first thing to learn is that his surname is pronounced muh TEER.

Mr Motyer is 90 and has just published a newly-written book called A Christian's Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament.

He has specialised in making the Old Testament accessible. The first book he wrote, with which I am familiar is his book The Day of the Lion, on the Old Testament prophet Amos.

He has also written commentaries on Philippians and James.

This Amazon link gives a list of his books which Amazon currently has available.

If you'd like to see and hear him, you can access several of his talks at this UK website.

He has contributed articles to The New Bible Dictionary (on Amos, for example) and was one of the Old Testament editors of the New Bible Commentary.

He is a great treasure, and I am so pleased he is still writing and "bearing fruit in his old age."


Neil R Combe said...

I am working through his Isaiah Day by Day which is a great book: a new translation of Isaiah with a marginal commentary and a reflection on each section.

David McKay said...

Hi Neil. Great to hear from you.
I confess I have books of his, of which I have read bits only.

Hoping to read his relatively new book on preaching, and this one on Loving the Old Testament.