Monday, February 16, 2015

Amelia Schwarze on domestic violence and abuse within Christian marriage

Amelia Schwarze wrote a thoughtful article for The Bible Society's webpage entitled On Christian marriage, submission and abuse  In this article she carefully articulates a sensible definition of domestic violence and argues passionately for victims of domestic violence within the church.

She says that she expects that the rate of domestic violence within the church would be the same as for the general population. I hope this isn't true.

From reading  later Facebook comments she has made, I understand that Mrs Schwarze has personal acquaintance with some female victims of domestic violence.

The article makes me reflect on the small amount of contact I have had with people who seem to have been abused by their fellow church member.

I am pleased that she does not argue for abandoning the biblical teaching on husbands and wives as many do, but praises the efforts of Phillip Jensen in presenting this teaching in such a way that makes clear what isn't "acceptable conduct on the part of husbands in a Christian marriage."

When I was growing up, in the 1950s and 60s,  people used to whisper about families where others were being mistreated, but I got the impression that this was as far as it went. I'm pleased that people are learning to speak out and to address these issues today.

I also wish that folk would realise that there are also male victims of domestic abuse. Sometimes this is not even contemplated when these issues are raised, despite the clear evidence available.

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