Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Why is there an obesity epidemic?

This article seems sensible. It is quite persuasive, I think.

According to the article, we are getting fat because:

1. We are eating more junk food
2. Our sugar consumption has skyrocketed
3. We gain a lot of weight during the holidays, which we never get rid of 
4. We started getting fat when low fat diets [which were high in sugar] were introduced
5. Food is cheaper than ever before
6. We are drinking more sugary soda and fruit juices
7. Increased food variety contributes to overeating and weight gain
8. We don't burn as many calories when working 
9. We are eating more vegetable oils: mostly from processed foods.
10. When we eat in a group, it dramatically increases the number of calories consumed
11. We are sleeping less
12. Our calorie consumption has increased dramatically 


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