Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NIV 2011

The new NIV looks good. I think that Douglas Moo and Bill Mounce being on the
committee would have had quite a bit to do with the way it has turned out.

See http://www.biblegateway.com/

If you already use this site, it may default to your preferred setting, so to
get to the new NIV, you could start here.

NIV 2011 [which will be known simply as NIV] has removed soem of the things that
have bugged people about it, including "sinful nature" for SARX, and now it
mostly has the old-fashioned word "flesh."

It does use inclusive language in some instances [such as frequently rendering
ADELFOI as "brothers and sisters" where the context shows the writer is
referring to men and women, e g Romans 1:13].

It is 95% the same as the 1984 NIV, but has been updated to reflect contemporary
conservative scholarship.

I think it's looking good and hope there won't be as many whinges as there were
about the TNIV.

I assume it is also about 95% the same as the TNIV, but I haven't read any stats
on that yet.

The translators notes, available at Bible Gateway at the above url [and you
should download the whole shebang and not just read the snippet] are very
interesting and worth reading in full.


RobHu said...

I thought you and your readers might find it useful to know that I’ve just put up some pages that show how similar the NIV2011 is to the NIV1984 and the TNIV. My pages also show each verse where the NIV2011 differs from the NIV1984 or the TNIV in an easily read / clear manner.

The pages are online @ http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/

I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions if anyone has any. Please either email me robert@slowley.com or leave a comment on my blog post http://community.livejournal.com/robhu_bible/4977.html

Thank you,

David McKay said...

Rob, how were you able to do this so fast?

Thanks very much for the info.

Do you already have an electronic copy of NIV2011?

Where did you get it?

Arte these available to ordinary mortals too?