Saturday, October 24, 2009

How God called John Piper to become a pastor

I love this story and am posting it here so that I may be able to find it again. I discovered John Piper about 16 years after he began at Bethlehem Baptist Church, when his church was generously posting the text of his sermons online.

There is now a Desiring God Ministry website with the audio and video of his messages as well, and also the full text of many of his books freely downloadable.

John Piper gets his share of criticism, mainly for his conservatism and for his stance on the roles of men and women. I think that we can thank God for the vast majority of what Piper says and does. We can thank God that he models in his life the things he says in his talks and writings.

I love what he is doing with Facebook and Twitter, his latest attempt to use the modern technology in Christ's service.

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