Monday, July 13, 2009

Vale Gale Storm

I see that Gale Storm died a few days ago. In 1962 my parents bought our first TV. It was pretty bulky, but had a rather small screen. Perhaps 21 inches?

I was in 4th class at school at the time. The TV arrived in the afternoon. I think it was during the school holidays. We turned on the TV and watched one half hour episode of The Gale Storm Show. I remember that there was a Monbulk can of fruit advertisement during the program with the immortal lines
There's no better berry in a can
berry in a can
berry in a can
There's no better berry in a can than a Monbulk
Berry in a can!

After the half hour program was over, Mum turned off the TV, because she didn't want us watching too much TV.

However, she relented fairly quickly and I spent many happy hours watching many silly sit-coms and cartoons and children's programs, such as The Bugs Bunny Show, The Mickey Mouse Club, Get Smart, Casey Jones, etc, etc on our black and white TV.

Vale Ms Storm.

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Sandy22 said...

It truly was sad to see we lost Gale Storm. I loved to watch her on TV and enjoyed her voice. Great gals like her don't come around ofter enough.

Thanks: Gale Storm