Friday, March 27, 2009

No Peace in Peace Park

On Thursday, Joan and I bought some fish and chips and headed off to Peace Park for lunch and our second game of Scrabble for the day. The second game had nothing to do with the fact that Joan had beaten me by about 150 points in the first one, did it?

It was a lovely afternoon, though quite windy. We had to rescue our sheets of two letter words more than once. [Knowing the allowable two letter words is a big factor in getting a decent score.]

But suddenly there was a very loud noise. It sounded like a motor mower, or at least something motorised.

We discovered that a zealous council worker was leaf-blowing. The path had the odd leaf on it, but blowing them off did seem like overkill because the wind would have quickly blown the few leaves on the path right back on again.

Peace, peace but there is no peace? to misquote Isaiah ben Amoz

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