Thursday, November 06, 2008

Perry Mason

My wife and I are enjoying watching the first series of Perry Mason. We like the corny 50s ambience, the corny plots and the fact that the series always features the same few characters, who quickly become familiar. When there is nothing worth watching on TV, we slip in a dvd and have a smile. One thing that puzzles us is that Perry Mason and co appear to be, like Inspector Gadget, always on dooty.

People call him up, often late at night and find him working in his office. But tonight, on the 4th of the dvds, we finally find him asleep and later in the episode, he wakes up his private investigator assistant, Paul Drake.

Every other time, they have all been at work late into the night and available every time someone calls them.

I guess that lawyers, secretaries, policeman and district attorneys would have chuckled at this wonderful 24 hour service.

Another thing that strikes me is that many of the roads they travel on look quite rough. I wonder if this was because they wanted to make them look like they were in out-of-the-way locations, or if the roads really were as poor, back in the 50s. They look similar on the old 50s episodes of Superman, too.

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