Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tricked again

If you take a look at the link, you will note that the blogservant is Cathy McKay. I got there, via an interesting post she wrote at The Sola Panel, which is a ministry of Matthias Media.

Now my daughter Cathy has been married to Philip Krimmer for nine years, but I still get tricked by the fact that she came into the world as a McKay. So when I recently gave her a gift, guess who I wrote the cheque out to? And when I saw a post by Cathy McKay at The Sola Panel, you will know who I thought wrote it.

But I'm glad this got me thinking, because it also prompted me to look at Cathy's blog, which she calls The Best Book Co-op.

There's lots of great stuff there, but I especially like her lovely comments about her husband. How's this for a birthday greeting:
God has given me the best man in the world to be my husband.

Some years ago my Cathy told me that in one place she worked, the women spent all day running their husbands down, so it is great to see one who thinks God gave her a great deal.

But I also really like the other Cathy's comments on motherhood:
I am trying to remember that being a mum is the most significant evangelistic and discipleship enterprise that I will ever be involved in. There are no other common 'one on one' gospel opportunities that I can think of, that are so intense (every waking hour) for so long (years on end). Motherhood is a tremendous missionary responsibility. And it is a wonderful one!

Imagine what great things would happen in the world if other Christians had this attitude to the person they're married to and the children God has given them!

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