Thursday, April 10, 2008

Honouring Brother Andrew

Open Doors Australia is joining with Christians around the world in honouring its founder, Brother Andrew, who will turn 80 on 11th May. For over 50 years he has faithfully served Jesus Christ through serving his persecuted people around the globe.

The Australian branch of OD has asked supporters to write a card for Brother Andrew's special birthday. This is what I have written on my card:
Happy Birthday, Brother Andrew!
We have been inspired by your faithfulness to Christ since reading God's Smuggler in the early 1970s (I think).
Your work has provided encouragement, training and even led to the salvation of many, by God's grace.
May you continue to enjoy God's wonderful gifts to his children as you continue to serve and honour him.
David and Joan McKay

If you would like to pass on your wishes, you can send them to
Brother Andrew
Open Doors Australia
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NSW 2092

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