Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News Translation, Australian Edition

The Good News Translation, Australian edition is not overtly Aussie. The disciples are not all called Bruce, and as I read through I very rarely notice anything glaring.

But this morning, in beginning to read through Judges, I noticed that Caleb's daughter Achsah asked her father for
some waterholes. The land you have given me is in the dry country.
Judges 1:15

I looked this verse up online, but have discovered that the British edition has pools of water, but the American edition also has waterholes. The New Shorter Oxford Dictionary says waterhole is a late 17th century term, and does not cite it as being especially Australian. But it still sounds Aussie to me. Wikipedia agrees, but you know what they say about the Wiki!


Peter Kirk said...

What, no billabongs?

David McKay said...

Hi Peter. The disciples are not all called Bruce, either. [See Monty Python and the University of Woolloomooloo sketch.]