Monday, April 09, 2007

Encouraging One Another

Do you know how hugely encouraging your enthusiastic participation at church is? Do you know how terrific it is when you bring your visitors to church with you?

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, several families from our small congregation were going to be away, and I was expecting we would only have a few people sharing in our worship service.

The geezer who puts together the service sheet [me] decided to make less copies because so many people were going to be away.

Silly me.

We had former congregation members visiting, people visiting because of the baptisms at the murky Macquarie River after the service, congregation members who didn't end up going away, family members visiting because it was someone's birthday, etc, etc.

And fifty people down by the river. [That's a lot for us!]

And, our ever reliable minister, preached a terrific resurrection sermon, which our Christian and non-Christian visitors got to hear and be encouraged and challenged by.

And, forgive me if I make a request: if you are able to organise your travelling so that you are at church on Sunday [and I include Christmas and Easter in this], it is wonderful for those who are there at church.

[Disclaimer: We are usually at church on Sundays, but owing to work commitments, and needing to visit our Mums during the school holidays, which is usually the only time we see them, next Sunday we will be travelling and visiting. Must be honest.]

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