Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where No Christian Has Gone Before

It all started with The Internet Monk. Michael Spencer wrote a post about some woefully inadequate well-intentioned, but misguided short-term ministry trips. I can't find the exact post, but this one has some helpful information about the small number of people who get to hear the gospel over and over, and the many who haven't heard, because no one has gone to tell them.

Michael points out that the most effective ministry is being done by organisations like Gospel For Asia, which aim to use locals to evangelise locals.

Until recently I was supporting a young man called David Raj, who is spreading God's Word in his own country of India. Due to a shortfall in finances this year, and now being involved in supporting a minister in my local church, I have had to give up regular support, though I continue to pray for him.

This morning I read the news that the very young man I was supporting has been arrested and imprisoned, along with his wife.

Please pray for David and the others who have been also beaten and treated shamefully, only because they are servants of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will be glorified in their faithfulness and that they will be speedily released so that they can go on presenting the message of God's love to people who have never previously heard it.


Cleopas said...

Hello David,

Good to see a fellow Christian blogger with a heart for evangelism. May the lord bless many through your ministry.

David McKay said...

Thank you for your kind words, Cleopas. Is your heart still burning? From looking at your site, I think it is.