Monday, September 20, 2004

Is there a perfect plan of God for my life which I must discover?

1.God has a plan for you, but he hasn’t promised to tell you the specifics beforehand! Jesus himself said there were things he didn’t know about God’s plans.
2. Most people throughout the world have not had the luxury of choosing their occupation, where they would live, who they would marry, etc. If God intends us to discover in advance what he is doing, we are certainly a privileged few!
3. This view leads to unhappiness, because it implies that we must daily discover God’s design and that if we don’t we will end up with Plan B.
4. There are times when we can consciously cooperate with God, but many times when this is not possible.
5. This view does not take into account God’s sovereignty over all of his creation and over all people, whether they want to follow him or not.
6. It does not recognise that God uses my failures as well as my successes.
7. This view assumes that God has designed only happiness and not hardship as well. But God uses pain as well as pleasure, as he transforms us and makes us holy.
8. It only accounts for the big things, and not the little things.
9. It fails to recognise that there are many things we can’t plan for.
10. It ignores the fact that God says that we don’t see things as he does. It assumes that we know what are the important things.

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